Hampton Baptist Church

Learning to live for God


Hampton Baptist Church started in 1992 with help from Teddington Baptist Church. We are members of the Baptist Union of Great Britian, the London Baptist Association, its local expression the Thames Valley District and Churches Together around Hampton.

Perhaps more importantly we are part of God's family, ordinary people with a desire to live our lives for him. We believe that it is possible to know God personally and to have a relationship with him. We certainly haven't 'arrived' and recognise that the process of learning to live for God continues for the whole of our lives. Prayer and Bible study are key elements of this journey. 

We understand church to mean a group of people committed to God, one another and to the wider community in which we live.

Our Sunday worship is both contemporary and informal and we encourage everyone to contribute; we are usually about 25 people. Sunday Worship 8Please click on the 'Sunday Morning Programme' tab to the right for more detailed infomation about our  Sunday worship.

We hope that visitors feel at home with us since we see hospitality as a vital part of our worship.


Click on the 'Galleries' tab to the right to see photographs of some of our activities. 


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