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Learning to live for God


For Christians Lent is the 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter. Traditionally this is a time for reflection on the life of Jesus and his journey to the cross, his death and resurrection. In can be understood as the climax of God's plan for humanity's reconciliation with him.

As a church we don't usually plan specific events during Lent but leave it up to individuals to identify ways in which they would like to mark this season.

Christians often use the time of year to fast in preparation for Easter itself. In recent times the idea of giving other things up has become popular. Not watching television, not eating chocolate or drinking coffee are common ones. The purpose of all these actions is to enable a greater awareness of identifying with Jesus Christ.

WHAT COULD YOU DO THIS YEAR? Below are a couple of links that provide initiatives that you could consider as ways to celebrate Lent and Easter this year. A search on the internet will provide many further possibilities, but perhaps this is the place to start.

If I can provide any further help please email me.

Also at the bottom of this page you will find a YouTube video link to the Richmond outside Passion Play that took place on Good Friday 2015. However we don't think it is taking place this year.

Resources and Links

The Evangelical Alliance have a very useful web page with links to all kinds of resources for Lent and Easter. Click on the link below to access the page and browse.


Stewardship are continuing to run their successful Lent initiative started in 2013 called '40 Acts - do Lent generously'. Visit the following web page for further information and to sign up. 


Richmond Passion Play Good Friday 2015